Looking Back to How SEO Changed in the Past Years

Since the advent of search engine optimisation in 1990s,the industry has come a long long way. Back in the day,it’s just all about keyword research and inserting those phrases in the content of every web page. During the earlier years,there are lesser restrictions in terms of accepted practices. However,as the industry flourish,a lot of things have changed.

Take a look at some of the biggest changes of the past and present SEO you know today.

1. Black Hat SEO

Back in the day,the practice of keyword stuffing,duplicate content,article spinning and link buying is pretty much acceptable. Many companies took advantage of these tactics to be able to appear on top of the searches. However,since the 2011 Google algorithm update,this method has now been tagged as a black hat SEO technique because of the unnatural flow of links and search terms.

2. Focus on UX

In the past,SEO specialist would focus all their initiatives in pleasing what search engines what. Today,things took quite a turn. Search engines,like Google,have been very clear about their intent on launching updates. Most,if not all,are targeted towards the users themselves rather than the search engines.

3. The Voice Search

Nobody would’ve probably expected the rise of voice search. With it becoming the new thing,many marketers are now looking for effective ways to optimise websites for this type of searches. You’ll in fact find quite a number of search engine optimisation training courses available in Hong Kong offering lessons on this area.

4. Backlinks

Before many unscrupulous webmasters utilise link farms and link buying to gain more backlinks which is clearly a black hat practice. Although backlinks remains as a valuable ranking factor,Google has created a way to penalise sites that are using low-quality sites to build their links. At present,webmasters are only allowed to add links organically at high-authority sources for it to count as a backlink.

Looking at these changes,it’s easy to say that SEO has undergone major patch up since the beginning. If you further explore the history of SEO over the last few years,you’ll see that most of the changes can be attributed to the user behaviour. This is not surprising since search engines are created to answer to their needs.

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