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Connecting talent !!!

We connect talent to give an oppurtunity to work together.
We share your ideas and talent.
We work with professionals.
We work with a team of highly motivated and vast skilled professionals that knows the music industry in and out.

Your success is assured!

Are you an artist or sing in a band and you made your new album?
You have created a single and would like to promote your music?

For a young emerging artist or band, promoting their music on the radio it is not easy if you do not rely on a professional and competent partner.
Sonik Music Network provides professional radio promotion to artists, bands, labels and music agents, interviews, radio schedule.

The radio is still one of the media that resists and still have competition with television and internet. The radio will exist forever and you know why? Because does not engage. You can listen anywhere, even when you are working. That's the reason why we created Sonik Radio where we schedule your songs 24h/24.
Each quote/service will be formulated according to your availability of budget and and it depends on many factors:
  • Amount of radio airplay of your songs
  • Amount of promo for the release of your new album / single
  • Amount of promo for your next tour
  • Interview

Sonik Music Network is an affordable one stop solution for artistes, producers, music vendors.

Our wide array of distribution and promotional solutions provide the hands-on tools and actionable insights that allow musicians and industry professionals to reach their goals in an increasingly complex music world. We operate throughout all Europe with Clients from several part of the Globe. In fact, vast number of clients use our services every month. Our goal is to dramatically increase your sales, expose your music to the masses, and greatly enhance your image to the public.

What Sonik Music Network do for the Artists ?

First of all Sonik is also a Web Radio that allows you to program your music and your songs. A web radio is accessible anywhere and in any country of the world!!!

Thanks to ever faster Internet connections a web radio can be heard anywhere and in any situation. At home, work, even by car, thanks to new technologies and wi-fi is no longer a limit !!! On our web radio (Sonik Radio) we schedule your songs 24h/24 !!!

Every week/month you will receive a complete and detailed report about your songs aired.
In addition to this you will receive the report of how many times your song was requested by your fans and played on the air.

On our web radio (Sonik Radio) we schedule your songs 24h/24 !!!

With simple sending an email, your fans can request and listen your songs!!!
We plan your songs on our radio partners throughout Europe (web radio and FM)

Remember to attach an audio file of your music in order to evaluate all the elements for a good promotion.

Listen Sonik Radio

Create your own unique artist page (*)

(High quality websites base for your music career)

You have to get what it takes, not only lyrically but in all ramifications! Sonik Music Network will create an high quality website for you to boost your musical and also serve has a base house for your music and other vital information that your fans might ever wish to know about you.

Sonik Music Network will create an artist homepage for you on our website which will host all your songs, videos, an awesome photo gallery, your biography, your social network links, your song lyrics, your contact details and other vital information about the artiste. Interested record label and shows organizer will also be able to book you for a show via the homepage or contact you directly. You will be able to interact with your fans with comments and "ask the artiste a question" functionality.

(*) Members plan

Your page will contain:

  • All your songs
  • You last album
  • You latest 4 albums
  • A video player to stream your videos (from YouTube/Vimeo)
  • An audio player to listen your songs and download it
  • On line store of your music
  • Your Social links
  • Allow the visitor to share your page on they social network
  • Comment to interact with your fans
  • we plan your own song on SONIK RADIO extracted from your last album ---> 2 times a day for 3 months
  • Google analytics

  • Here you can see our member's page

Social Media Promotion

There is no doubt that social media like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter plays a major role in online music promotion. Sonik Music Network will promote your music or your record by advertising on Facebook and Twitter with the use of professional social tools. Our ground breaking social media promotion is sure to provide an artiste or a band all the publicity they need on the internet scenario. If you don't have a website, Sonik Music Network will create one for you on request!

We use all popular social to promote your music!

  • Your title songs (in real time) on our Facebook and Twitter fan pages
  • Promote your fan page or twitter page with Facebook Ads (*)
  • We post your songs to numerous music related fan pages (*)
  • We post your songs to numerous music related twitter pages (*)
  • We post your songs to numerous music related instagram pages (*)
  • Get you more social media followers and likes (*)
(*) Members plan